What is sarcopenia

Sarcopenia is a condition characterized by muscle atrophy that affects everyone as the result of aging. Surprisingly, muscle loss begins early in life. Learn More »

Information for doctors

The human growth hormone (hGH) is the first pituitary hormone to decline during aging. Sarcotropin contains ingredients capable of increasing hGH. Learn More »

Maintaining muscle—lean body mass—is essential for your strength, endurance and vitality. Loss of muscle can happen any age due to factors such as injury, disease, emotional stress and poor diet. It also occurs progressively during aging. From age 60, the rate of muscle loss doubles each decade.  Sarcotropin is a medical food that helps you build and maintain muscle, at any age.


The Sarcotropin solution

Several contributing factors for development of sarcopenia have been identified. Sarcotropin combines essential ingredients to counteract this. Learn More »

Product safety

Clinical studies show that Sarcotropin lacks side effects and is safe for human consumption. Learn More »

Information for patients

Progressive loss of muscle begins already in young adulthood, accelerating over time to culminate in an extreme condition called “sarcopenia”. Learn More »


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